What We Do

  1. Review

Our engagement begins with a comprehensive review of your tax situation. During this process, we gather information about your businesses, investment holdings, and estate plan. We reach out to your investment adviser and estate planning attorney to ensure we fully understand all of your plans. We review your prior tax return filings, noting areas within your tax return where mistakes can be corrected. If we find mistakes within your return, we quantify the amount of savings we can generate by amending your return.

      2. Strategize

After reviewing your tax returns for accuracy, we take a deeper dive. During this process, we question every aspect of your return, applying our years of high net worth individual and closely held corporation tax planning experience to determine how we can make your tax situation more efficient. Depending on your individual situation, we may recommend a number of tax saving strategies, estate planning opportunities, charitable giving strategies, ways to simplify your and/or your company's tax reporting structure to decrease your cost of compliance, or retirement plan opportunities that could allow you to save for your future.

      3. Execute

After presenting our findings to you in a clear, concise manner, we finalize our plan by preparing your and/or your company's tax returns. First, an experienced associate with intimate knowledge of your situation and strategy prepares a draft copy of your return, taking extra care to ensure its accuracy. Then our partners review the return in granular detail, taking time to consider alternative reporting methods, additional deductions and credits, and appropriate reporting. During this process, you are kept abreast of any missing information and deviations from our expectations. Finally, your return is delivered with a memo describing all the important positions taken, your required actions, and considerations for next year in an easy to understand manner.


The Pitcher, Enders and Drohan difference is simple - we believe the most accurate tax returns are prepared by thoughtful professionals. We do not outsource our preparation to other firms and do not employ low level data entry staff. We leverage technology to prepare your return in the most efficient manner possible, but from the moment your documents enter the door until the moment your return is delivered, it is handled by a CPA or experienced associate. It may not the cheapest way to prepare a tax return, but to us it is the only way to ensure we do right by our clients.